1 Year IGCSE Programme

The One Year IGCSE Programme is for international students who wish to complete IGCSE examinations in just one year.

The Programme is a challenging academic course, featuring 6-8 examinable subjects and as such, is only suitable for students with a suitable level of English.  The Programme provides excellent preparation for international students before they begin their A Level studies or the IB Diploma Programme.  Daily sports and activities, together with a full weekend schedule ensures students are fully prepared for boarding school life.


Students must be aged 15-16 years on entry to the Programme.

Entry Criteria: Minimum English Language Level

The minimum English language level on entry is CEFR Level B2.

Course Length

Students must enrol in June for 4 terms.

GCSE Subjects Studied

A minimum of 6 examinable subjects from English as a First/Second Language, Mathematics, Additional Mathematics (for more able mathematicians), Science – Double Award, Business Studies and History.  To complement their studies, students also take part in the additional (non-examinable) subjects of Global Perspectives and PSHE, to ensure they have a well-rounded education.

Academic Study (Hours)

Each week, there are 30 hours of academic tuition (6 hours in the classroom daily) and 7.5 hours of supervised prep.

End of Course Assessment

End of course assessment consists of the Cambridge IGCSE examinations.


After completing the One Year IGCSE Programme, students progress to Sixth Form entry at schools and colleges.