Boarding students live in one of the four boarding houses – Barrow House, Mandalay, Riverside and Aldhelms – with separate houses for boys and girls.

Junior and Middle College students live in Barrow House at the heart of the main campus, in shared rooms of between two and eight students.

Senior Girls have a suite of rooms in the top floor of Barrow House and the other boarding houses are also allocated to Senior College students.  Mandalay and Riverside are located across the road from the main campus.  Mandalay can accommodate up to 10 students and staff, whilst Riverside can accommodate up to 12 students and staff.  Both houses benefit from extensive gardens overlooking the River Wylye and are a short walk from Barrow House and The Henson Building (classroom block).

Aldhelms is located a short distance from the College and can accommodate 16 students and staff.

Senior College students live in shared rooms of two, three or four, with access to kitchen and sitting room facilities.

There are between 10 and 40 students per house.