Principal’s Welcome

Welcome to Bishopstrow College.

Bishopstrow is all about providing a learning environment for international students: learning English, learning how to make the most of a British education, learning about the culture of the UK, and learning to share the wisdom and insights of their own culture with others.

At Bishopstrow, students participate confidently in class, always in English, and they also discover a variety of ways they can enjoy a UK education – through sport, drama and music.  They learn a positive approach, and develop skills to become independent learners – as well as critical thinkers.  All this in the supportive, friendly and professional environment of Bishopstrow.  Helping students at all levels develop, for a successful future.

The strength of the reputation of Bishopstrow College meant that I knew of the College before I was appointed Principal, and on my first visit it was clear to me why the College, with its expert staff and the highest standards, is so regularly recommended by those who know it well.

We all look forward to welcoming you to Bishopstrow and for you to see for yourself why Bishopstrow College is so highly regarded.

Mario Di Clemente