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Alumnus Profile: Olenka Bordakova

After completing the 1 Year IGCSE Programme at Bishopstrow, Olenka joined the sixth form at Cheltenham Ladies’ College.  She is currently studying a degree in International Relations at Durham University.

What are you doing now?

After graduating from Bishopstrow College in 2017, I attended Cheltenham Ladies’ College for sixth form, having secured a 100% bursary award.  On completing my A Levels, I commenced my undergraduate degree in International Relations at Durham University in 2019.

What are your plans for the future?

I am currently pursuing an industrial placement at John Lewis & Partners.  I will then return to Durham for my final year in 2022/23.

How did your time at Bishopstrow College help you?

Bishopstrow helped me in many ways.  For example, the College suggested about 8 schools (to my guardian) to initially consider.  The teams at Bishopstrow were very helpful in terms of organising documents and the entrance examinations for these schools.  Bishopstrow also helped me improve my English significantly – I could never have hoped for such an improvement on my own.  This   helped me adapt to a new place with people who mostly speak only English.

Was there any particular aspect of your experience at Bishopstrow College that you found to be most interesting or useful?

There are so many things that I enjoyed at the College that it is almost impossible to choose just one!  However, what impressed me most was the staff’s attitude towards the students.  Both the teachers and boarding staff were very friendly and outgoing.  They were always ready to support me and give me advice.  They were fun to be with and I will never forget them!

What advice would you give to Bishopstrow College students interested in following in your footsteps?

I would sincerely recommend Bishopstrow to any international student who has the chance to come and study here in the UK.  It is a wonderful place.  At Bishopstrow, it is possible to improve your English and your knowledge of other academic subjects as well.  You will learn a lot of cultural things and will enjoy making new friends and talking to them in another language.  This will make you feel very proud of yourself!  The College will also help you become more independent and careful with your time.  You will get the opportunity to challenge yourself in different areas, including sports and studying.  The only reason not to consider Bishopstrow is if you are fearful of new adventures!

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