Students Celebrate IGCSE Examination Success

Posted: 13th August 2020

EL Gazette_Students in Uniform_September 2019

Students and staff at Bishopstrow College have been delighted with the IGCSE results, which were received on 13 August 2020.

All of the students at Bishopstrow who take these examinations complete the two-year course in just one year, and as they are all international students they are all studying in their second language.  It is always a huge achievement to pass any IGCSE examination in such circumstances.

Students this year have for the first time achieved 100% A* to C, and we are particularly delighted that the very top grades feature amongst the results.  It is no surprise that students from Bishopstrow go on to some of the most prestigious schools in the UK and overseas.  All their teachers send them congratulations and of course the teachers too deserve congratulations and appreciation for their effort and expertise that helps make this success possible.

140 students have attended Bishopstrow College during this academic year and they have all enjoyed studying, learning and playing together both in-person and online.  They have all made great progress and we wish them every success as they move on to their new schools.

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