Welcome from the Head of Sport

Here at Bishopstrow College, we provide international students with a distinct learning opportunity to develop in a variety of traditional English sports, up to 6 times a week, within an educational setting.  Our main aim is to improve students’ basic knowledge and understanding of sports such as basketball, cricket, football, hockey, netball and rugby, through the delivery of a winter and summer sports programme.  In addition, throughout each term, we aim to provide our international students with an opportunity to participate in inter-house competitions and competitive fixtures against other schools and colleges, to ensure that they experience all aspects of British boarding school life for the first time.  Further details of the College’s sports fixtures can be found at School Calendar.

Finally, we utilise sport as a tool to not only develop skill-sets, self-esteem, discipline, leadership qualities and social interaction, but we also value the importance of physical activity and fitness in order to maintain and sustain a balanced healthy lifestyle.

The sports team at Bishopstrow consists of highly qualified individuals with in-depth knowledge across a number of sports.  We look forward to welcoming you to sports at Bishopstrow.

Amy Long, Head of Sport


Sports Reports

Senior Girls Netball Match Report – Sherborne International vs Bishopstrow, February 22, 2018

Girls Netball Match Report_Sherborne International vs Bishopstrow_January 2018

Bishopstrow College versus Warminster School Football_May 19, 2017

Quad Basketball Series

ISA Tennis Competition_April 26, 2017

Middle Boys Football v Sherborne International

View details of the sports offered at Bishopstrow:



Athletics is a varied sport which is played by all boys and girls of different ages at the College during the Summer terms (Terms 3 and 4).  We provide students with the opportunity to develop a wide range of skills.  Students focus not only on track events, such as short and long distance running (100 metre sprints through to 1,600 metre races), but also field events, such as the hammer, discuss and javelin.  We also provide our international students with the opportunity to participate in competitive athletics competitions against other English boarding schools, allowing them to experience sports fixtures for the first time in their English education.



International students play badminton regularly at the College, throughout the winter, spring and summer terms, with both boys and girls participating in one of the UK’s most popular sports in schools.  We provide our students with an opportunity to develop their hand-eye coordination, decision-making, technical shot selection and social interaction amongst their peers, through the use of doubles matches.  It is our desire to develop these skill-sets in order to provide a basic platform before they relocate to their next schools.



Our first time students participate in basketball throughout the Winter, Spring and Summer.  Both boys and girls of all ages are given the opportunity to develop their skills,  We provide them with extensive knowledge and understanding regarding the rules and general play and often offer competitive sports fixtures amongst boarding schools and college’s within the South West of England.



Cricket is a traditional English sport played across the majority of boarding schools and colleges within the UK.  Cricket at Bishopstrow is played by both boys and girls during the Summer.  Students learn the basic fundamentals of bowling, fielding and batting in local cricket nets, thereby gaining a basic knowledge and understanding of cricket before continuing their education at their future schools.


Our first time international students participate in girls and boys football on a weekly basis throughout the academic year.  As football is the UK’s most popular sport, our aim is to provide students with a technical and tactical understanding of football, ranging from passing and ball control, to spatial awareness and decision-making within small sided games.  The College also organises competitive fixtures against other schools and colleges – with a focus on 5-a-side and 11-a-side games.  This format positions our students with a solid understanding of football before they move onto their new schools.


Our sports programme includes one of the up-and-coming sports within education in the UK – handball.  Handball is provided at the College for both boys and girls, placing key principles, knowledge and understanding at the forefront of practice.  Students not only develop their handling abilities, but also their tactical understanding of team formations and spatial awareness.


Hockey is predominantly played by girls of all ages across the College’s programmes during the spring and Summer terms.  Students can experience hockey for the first time alongside their international peers.  We allow students to develop their hand-eye coordination, close ball control, spatial awareness and decision-making skills through the use of small-sided games.  This enables students to improve their social interaction before moving onto their future schools.


One of the key sports provided at the College is netball.  Netball is a key element of the girls’ sports programme and is played during Terms 1, 2 and 3.  Our sports programme provides students with the opportunity to become accustomed to the rules and formations of netball.  Our aim is to help students develop their skills in areas such as passing, catching and handling.  We also look to improve agility, power and spatial awareness within game environments, thereby enabling students to gain a basic understanding of a game environment.


Rounders is one of the main sports for girls during the Summer.  Rounders is offered to girls of all ages and allows students an opportunity to participate in one of the UK’s most popular summer sports.  Rounders has become a key sport within English boarding schools and we provide students with the opportunity to develop their hand-eye coordination, catching, throwing and fielding skills.  The College also compete against other schools and colleges, playing both ‘home’ and ‘away’.


Students participate in Girls and Boys Rugby throughout the year.  As rugby is a traditional English sport requiring a variety of skills, we focus on catching, passing and small-sided games for international students who are ‘new’ to the game.  Alongside this, we improve students’ tactical knowledge in relation to attacking in pods and defending in numbers.  Overall, we aim to introduce these key principles to ensure that students have the correct foundations to progress further at their new schools.


Tennis is a traditional English sport, which is played by boys and girls during the Summer, including students on the Academic Summer Programme. Tennis is offered to all ages and provides students with the opportunity to develop their hand-eye coordination and racket skills, whilst improving their fitness.  Tennis is played either on campus or at the local sports centre, providing our students with an opportunity to participate at a variety of facilities and venues during their time at the College.