Graduation Ceremony 26 August

Posted: 30th August 2016

child with teacher

On Friday 26 August, we hosted the End of Term 4 Graduation Ceremony, celebrating the successes of all those students leaving the College to continue their education at home or at a mainstream school in the UK.  In opening the Ceremony, Lorraine Atkins, Principal commented:

It was my great pleasure to welcome parents, guests and Rebecca Tear, Headmistress of Badminton School as our guest speaker to Bishopstrow College’s Graduation Day in Term 4 of 2016.

In the review of the term, I spoke of the Olympics, not only because of the superb Team GB successes, but also because of what we have seen in terms of teamwork, in every event, and how good teamwork can actually allow you to outperform others, who on paper may appear to be better than you.  Teamwork is one of our core values at Bishopstrow and we recognise its value in all aspects of College life.  In the last fortnight, we have had our own Olympics at Bishopstrow; it has been wonderful to see the students working hard together and being organised.

Sydney J. Harris said “The whole purpose of education is to turn mirrors into windows.”  I have no doubt that Bishopstrow has achieved this for our students and look forward to hearing in the future which paths they have seen and how they have progressed upon them from those windows.

Lorraine Atkins, Principal


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