Working with Agents and Guardians

The majority of students attending Bishopstrow College are advised by an educational agent or consultant in their home country.  Agents advise international students and their families on school choice.  They also often provide other services, such as assisting with a visa application.

At Bishopstrow, all students from outside the UK are required to have a UK-based educational guardian, who will act as the parents’ representative whilst their child is studying in the UK.  A guardian may be a friend, relative or guardianship organisation and must be over 25 years of age.

Our Admissions Office is available to provide international students with a list of accredited, trustworthy guardianship organisations.  Any arrangements regarding the appointment of guardians are the responsibility of parents, not the College.

Parents will need to satisfy themselves that guardians offer a comprehensive, highly personalised and caring service.  Guardians will be required to:

  • Organise travel arrangements if the student is not using the College transport to/from Bishopstrow on Arrivals Day and Departures Day.
  • If necessary, provide accommodation should a flight departing from the UK be scheduled for after the end of term or half term break.
  • Attend regular school visits, attending parents’ evenings and school events, etc.
  • If there is a medical emergency, help if and when necessary.

The guardian should therefore be able to speak English and be available to communicate with the College as required.

If you need help, please contact Tessa Howard-Vyse, Director of Marketing and External Relations at enquiries@bishopstrow.com