Student Council

The Student Council is a group of students who meet up with the managers of the College so they can talk about how to make the College better.  The Council is made up of one student from each class across the Middle College and Senior College Programmes.

Student Council representatives find out the opinions of the student body on lots of different issues such as school trips, activities, school decorations, display boards, school rules, what students want to learn, fund raising, improvements to facilities such as the IT suite or the library, and how to get involved with the local community.

Feedback from students is discussed at Council meetings held at regular times throughout each term with an academic manager such as the Director of Studies or a senior teacher.  The Council then acts on the decisions made at the meetings.

The Council also represents the student body at many special school functions and may help organise or perform fund-raising activities for various events throughout the term.

Term Dates

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