Scholarships and Bursaries


Scholarships are currently awarded to exceptional students enrolling on the 1 Year IGCSE Programme on the basis of the student’s potential to achieve outstanding results in IGCSEs and in their education beyond Bishopstrow.

Scholarships are worth up to 20% of the Tuition Fees on the 1 Year IGCSE Programme.

Scholarships are offered, to registered students on the basis of an assessment of the applicant’s School Reports, Character Reference, Personal Statement and performance in an online (Zoom, Teams etc.) or face-to-face interview with the College’s Principal or Director of Studies and a Password English and Maths assessment to be carried out and invigilated under exam conditions in the student’s home country.  For those enrolling on the 1 Year IGCSE Programme, non-native English speakers must have a minimum level of English equivalent to Level B2 on the Common European Framework (IELTS 5.5).


Bursaries are granted in recognition that there are some parents, or even markets, where the College’s programmes are either unaffordable or the fees represent a significant burden.  The College would like to support some families faced with such challenging financial circumstances to ensure that their child is able to receive the benefits of a British education.  Parents in this position are welcome to apply for Bursary assistance.

Bursaries are assessed on the basis of a means-tested assessment relating to the family’s ability to pay.

The College will normally award Scholarships and Bursaries, but reserves the right not to award Scholarships and Bursaries if, in the opinion of the Principal, there is not a suitable candidate.

For further details, please contact Admissions at enquiries@bishopstrow.com

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