Primary Students Enthralled by Special Guest


Primary Students Enthralled by Special Guest4th May 2017

Primary students on the Lower College Programme are currently learning about the Second World War as part of their Key Stage 2 History.  In addition to making models of gas masks and air raid shelters, last week, they were lucky enough to be entertained by a special guest – Richard Dennis, the father of Sally Snell, one of the College’s teachers.

Richard was aged 8 when Britain declared war on Germany on September 3, 1939.  Richard attended Gunnersbury Grammar School in West London and on the morning of September 3, 1939, rather than attending school in the normal way, Richard, his two brothers and classmates were taken to nearby Datchet Village Hall, as part of the Government’s planned evacuation of children from the London area.  Richard spent the next few months with a family in the countryside, before returning to his family home in Ealing, West London, where he stayed for the rest of the War, apart from during the Blitz, when Richard and his brothers were evacuated on two further occasions to the West country.

Richard was able to share many of his memories from the War, including the special underground shelter built at his home, the anti aircraft guns stationed in a field behind his family home, which provided protection against the frequent air raids and even watching aircraft from the RAF battle aircraft from the Luffwaffe in the skies above London, as part of the Battle of Britain!  The children were surprised to learn of the strict rationing, with food restricted to a few sausages, some corned beef, 1.5 ounces of butter, bread and fruit and vegetables only (on a weekly basis).

We were delighted to have Richard, now aged 85, join us and would like to extend a special thank you for his time.

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