The Parent Handbook, issued following acceptance of an offer of a place, provides factual information on life at the College.  Students are issued with the Student Handbook upon arrival.  Both the Parent and Student Handbooks are designed to ensure a smooth and happy transition to life at Bishopstrow College.

Whilst parents often have a variety of questions about life at Bishopstrow, the following questions are particularly popular!


Q. How much pocket money does a student need per week/term?

We would suggest about £20 per week for Juniors/Middles or £30 per week for Seniors.


Q. When are students allowed to go out of school?

Once a term for the whole weekend from Friday at 5.00 pm until Sunday after 6.00 pm.  Any additional weekends after testing departing Saturday from 12.00 noon until Sunday after 6.00 pm.


Q. Can my child have a birthday cake?

Yes our kitchen staff always prepare a cake for every child at no extra charge.


Q. If I want to visit my child during the week, when can I see them?

You can join them for lunch by arrangement, or take them out after lessons from 5.00 pm.


Q. If my child wishes to go out for the weekend, when can I make a request?

Requests should be made by Wednesday before the weekend of departure to allow for travel arrangements to made.


Q. If my son/daughter needs a train ticket, can the College buy it for me?

Yes, they need to make this request by Wednesday before the weekend of travel.


Q. If my child’s electronic device is broken, can the College assist with this?

Yes, once we have permission from you for the cost of the repair to be covered.


Q. If my child needs new shoes/clothes, can the College assist?

Yes during weekend outings, the boarding staff will be happy to assist.


Q. Can my child have riding lessons?

Yes riding lessons can be arranged by the College.


Q. Can my child have musical instrument lessons?

Yes, depending on their level and the instrument.  Please contact the College for further details.