Aims and Ethos

Specifically for girls and boys from non-British educational backgrounds, Bishopstrow College is a safe, friendly, and exciting place to live and learn.  Every aspect of Bishopstrow College life contributes to a successful and enjoyable learning experience for our students.

Bishopstrow College is a caring, kind, well-organised boarding community where an atmosphere of respect and tolerance for others characterises professional and personal relationships and the day-to-day experience of both students and staff.

This ethos is encapsulated by the “Five Virtues” of Bishopstrow College that underpin all aspects of life at the college.  At Bishopstrow College we each strive to be:

  • hard-working
  • a team player
  • kind
  • polite
  • organised

The Five Virtues represent the core of the character of a member of the Bishopstrow community, staff and students alike.  They are interwoven throughout every aspect of College life, ensuring that the life of our community, international in make-up, character and ambition, promotes virtues that contribute positively to global society.

Consistent with the underlying ethos of the College are its aims.  In everything we do, we aim to:

  • Give each student a thorough linguistic, academic, sporting and cultural preparation that enables a seamless and happy transition to a British boarding school.
  • Ensure that students who leave Bishopstrow not only feel comfortable in a classroom with English speakers, but are able to compete at the appropriate academic level in their next school.
  • Prepare each student for appropriate Cambridge English Language Assessments and, where relevant, for British public examinations.
  • Provide each student with the appropriate advice, assistance and qualifications to select and gain entry to a suitable British independent school for the next stage of their education.
  • Emphasise the Five Virtues such that children set themselves high standards and develop self-awareness, resilience and confidence.